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Any time of year is a good time to begin losing weight, but did you know that certain times of year can work better than others? As spring approaches, it might surprise you to learn that it’s the best time to jumpstart your weight loss journey. Here’s what to know about making springtime work in your favor and how we can help at Laser Skin & Wellness.

Warmer Temperatures Means Less Hunger

There tends to be a small correlation with colder temperatures and hunger cues. This can be attributed to the body managing its temperature – digestion takes up energy and thus generates heat which can be ideal in winter, but not so ideal in the summer. It’s likely that your body will slow down its hunger cravings as the temperatures become warm, making it easier to eat less.

You’ll Burn More Calories in Warmer Weather

It’s easier to burn calories while exercising in warm temperatures versus cold ones. That’s because your body works harder to stay cool in hot weather, increasing its energy expenditure. Just make sure not to overdo it when you do intensive exercise in hot weather.

Spring Brings Better Mood

Winter can be long and hard for many people, and spring is usually a welcome change. During the winter, it’s normal to crave heavy, fatty foods in order to cope with the colder temperatures and reduced sunlight. In the spring, you’ll likely enjoy a more positive outlook and be less hard on yourself, making it easier to stick to your weight loss plan.

Vitamin D Helps

It’s thought that there’s a link between vitamin D, obesity, and insulin resistance. This means that people of a heavier weight may have lower levels of vitamin D and vice versa. With springtime comes ample amounts of vitamin D in the form of sunlight, reinforcing your outdoor activities.

Healthier Food Comes Easier

Our favorite fall and winter foods tend to be the most calorically dense. Although we should all enjoy our seasonal favorites, it’s easier to find lighter foods like fresh fruits and veggies, grilled dishes, and cold salads at spring events and gatherings. This can help you feel more confident going into family gatherings and outings with friends.

Warm Weather Drinks Are Lighter

Although sipping hot, sugary beverages is one of the delights of fall and winter, they can add up. Spring brings lighter drinks like iced tea and infused water to curb your cravings but without the calories. If you’re looking for something other than water to cool off and quench your thirst, you have plenty of healthy options.

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