A Non-Surgical Liposuction Alternative

There is a non-invasive option for liposuction: TruSculpt is a new way to lose inches in the waist, bra fat, love handles and thighs without the need for surgery. It uses the latest advancement in radio frequency with the goal of heating the deep layers of fat, thereby triggering a natural cell response resulting to elimination of large proportion of the fat cells.

TruSculpt is not a weight loss plan, but if you’re near your ideal weight, it may be for you. It’s ideal for removing small amounts of stubborn fat that could not be resolved with diet or exercise. Compared to older, alternative approaches such as freezing and ultrasound, this treatment is more comfortable, faster and most importantly more effective.

There is no downtime needed after your treatment, so you can return to work and normal daily activities right away. Results will gradually appear within approximately four to twelve weeks. Just three to six sessions, approximately one month apart, are needed in order to create remarkable improvements. If necessary, subsequent treatments can be performed.


  • Stubborn Fat Deposits


  • 60 minutes

What is TruSculpt?

It is a pain free, non-invasive alternative to liposuction that uses radio frequency technology with a goal of delivering deep heat to fat cells used primarily for fat reduction, body sculpting, as well as skin tightening.

How is it Performed?

There is a handpiece that will be placed on a patient’s skin where it needs treatment. Once the pulse is complete, the handpiece is moved to the next area. The total procedure lasts about an hour.

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Everyone created a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. The doctor and staff were professional and informative. The result was a truly pleasurable doctor visit. Very unusual these days! — Sharon F.

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How Many Treatments Will There Be?

The number of treatments is based upon the area(s) you wish to have treated and your desired results. Typically, a patient will receive three to six treatments with each treatment about two months apart.

Can it be Used on All Skin Types?

Yes, it is safe for all skin types.

Can Patients Return to Normal Activities After Treatment?

Yes. Typically patients can usually return to their normal activities immediately. it’s not unusual that patients are able to return to work right after the treatment.

Involved Team Members:

Karen Helen Renfro, LE
& Malinda White, CME and Esthetician

Microneedling, Tattoo Removal, Laser Resurfacing

When Can I See Results?

After the treatment, results are visible within four weeks and show maximum results up to twelve weeks. As always, results may vary depends on the areas requiring some treatment as well as the number of treatments administered.

Is it Safe, Painful and are There Side Effects?

The system is designed to be comfortable and safe procedure. As the handpiece starts to deliver energy, patients reported a sensation of heat at the treatment location. Usually there are no pain medications needed, however, some gels, topical anesthetics, or active cooling may be helpful. Common side effects include mild tenderness or redness in the treated area which is usually resolved within a few hours.

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