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Laser skin resurfacing is an effective way to improve the outer layer of skin and promote smoother, healthier skin beneath. Laser treatments act as a noninvasive way to rejuvenate the skin, using targeted laser energy to heat deeper layers. Laser systems continue to advance, allowing patients several different treatments to choose from. At Laser Skin & Wellness, we offer the 1540 fractional laser system, one of the most popular in skin resurfacing technology. The 1540 laser offers the following unique benefits:

Improve a range of common skin concerns

Fractional laser resurfacing targets the outer layers of skin to remove sun damage, age spots, dead skin cells, and other surface-level imperfections. At the same time, deeper layers of skin are treated, stimulating the body’s natural collagen production. With a boost in collagen, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, stretch marks can be improved, acne scars are faded, and the overall skin texture and quality is enhanced. The treatment takes just 30 minutes to complete, with more improvements as the skin cells begin to regenerate.

No downtime or recovery

The effectiveness of the 1540 laser system is comparable to CO2 laser resurfacing, but without the lengthy downtime and side effects. After CO2 laser resurfacing, you have to be ready for several weeks of downtime. During the days following treatment, the skin will ooze, crust over, and eventually peel to reveal your new skin. However, for most, this means feeling unpresentable for up to a week, not being able to wear makeup, and having sensitive skin for several months. You also must avoid sun exposure for up to 6-months, which can make summer treatments nearly impossible!

Fractional laser resurfacing offers an effective alternative to the CO2 laser, for great results without the downtime and side effects. With the 1540 fractional laser, micro-beams are used to create controlled damage in the skin, while leaving small gaps of untreated skin. By leaving these gaps of healthy tissue, the damaged areas heal more quickly and allow for less downtime and fewer side effects. After treatment, you can expect some mild swelling, redness, and stinging similar to a sunburn. These should only last about 48 hours, and sun exposure should be avoided during this time, but all other activities can be resumed. Over the next several weeks, you can expect smoother skin as your collagen production continues to increase.

Risk of scarring

Along with fewer side effects and a quicker recovery, the fractional laser reduces any risk of scarring. With more aggressive CO2 lasers, there is some risk of pigment changes or scarring after treatment. This occurs due to the ablative nature of CO2 lasers and the crusting and peeling it induces. With the fractional laser, these risks are not associated with treatment. Fractional laser systems are non-ablative, leaving the top layer of healthy skin intact.

Find out for yourself what makes the fractional laser so unique! To learn more about our laser system or to get started on your customized laser skin resurfacing treatment, contact our office today and schedule your consultation with Laser Skin & Wellness.

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