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If you fill in your brows or wear mascara daily, you understand how tedious and time consuming this can be. At Laser Skin and Wellness, we offer two popular options that allow you to enjoy the look of makeup without daily application: microblading and lash extensions. These procedures offer natural-looking results that are long-lasting, saving you time in your daily routine while boosting your confidence from the moment you wake up.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a specialized technique of cosmetic tattooing. The procedure involves using a pen with super-fine needles to deposit pigment into the skin in brush stokes mimicking the look of individual hairs. This creates definition in the eyebrows for a more flattering look that still appears natural.

The Microblading Procedure

At Laser Skin & Wellness, our microblading services are performed by Korina. Prior to your treatment, Korina will carefully match an ink color to suit your skin tone and desired results. An outline of the brow is then drawn to guide the treatment. Once you and your microblading specialist are satisfied with the outline, numbing cream is applied to keep you comfortable during the treatment. The microblading procedure can then begin using the microblading pen and ink. Korina or your microblading specialist will carefully create small, hair-like strokes for a natural effect. Through this technique, the ink is deposited in superficial layers of the skin. This means that microblading offers semi-permanent results, lasting 1-2 years.

What are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are false eyelashes that are individually applied using a professional-quality adhesive glue. This makes them somewhat similar to traditional false eyelashes, but much longer lasting. Lash extensions provide a significant improvement in the length and fullness of the lashes while remaining lightweight and comfortable. At Laser Skin and Wellness, this service is provided by Korina, our Eyelash Extension Specialist. Korina is very experienced in applying eyelash extensions and offers training to others in the procedure. She customizes results so you can enjoy a range of looks, from a soft and natural look to more dramatic and glamorous results.

Lash Extension Application

Prior to your lash extension appointment, you should avoid putting on any makeup or oily skin care products such as a heavier eye cream. It is also recommended that you avoid curling your eyelashes on the day of your appointment. On average, a lash extension application takes about one to two hours to complete. Korina will consult with you about your desired results and consider your eye shape and other factors while planning your eyelash extensions. The lashes are then individually applied to the natural lashes and secured with an adhesive. Lash extension applications are not painful whatsoever.

After your lash extensions have been applied, Korina will advise you to avoid getting the lashes wet for 24 hours. She will teach you how to clean and comb the lashes out routinely. Lash extensions are not permanent, because the natural lashes will continue to grow out and shed periodically. You can schedule routine refill appointment to maintain your results. Most people schedule their appointment for about every two to three weeks although some extensions will hold for up to six weeks.

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