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By Shelly Kramer, ARNP

For more than twenty years lasers have been used to treat common vascular conditions. Since discovering the attraction of hemoglobin in the red blood cells to a laser beam at a specific wavelength, lasers have been designed to target that hemoglobin to improve a variety of vascular conditions.

At Laser Skin Solutions the most common vascular conditions treated include, facial and leg veins, pink toned complexions and cherry hemangiomas. Facial and leg vessels can be successfully treated with our Cutera™ Coolglide™ NdYag laser typically in 2-3 treatments.

Treating a pink or ruddy toned complexion commonly known as Rosacea, a combination of Laser and Light based technologies yield the best results. It is best to eliminate the more prominent vessels first with the laser and then follow up with the Limelight IPL for the background redness.

Cherry hemangiomas can range in color from pink to dark red appearing on any area of the skin. Cosmetic concerns arise when they occur in visible areas. One pulse with the Coolglide™ NdYag laser will leave the lesion grayish colored and it will flake off within a couple of days. Rarely is a second treatment necessary.

A detailed consultation between the provider and patient is necessary in order to establish an appropriate plan of care along with reasonable treatment expectations. For this reason, Laser Skin Solutions always offers a FREE consultation to educate and inform the patient of our recommendations.

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