We know that one of patients’ biggest concerns following cosmetic surgery or other procedures is the appearance of permanent scars. That’s why we’re excited to offer Silagen® for patients who want a physician-exclusive treatment for their recovery after a procedure to ensure the most aesthetically pleasing results in the long run.

What is Silagen®?

Silagen® is a comprehensive line of medical-grade silicone scar therapies. The Silagen® Scar Refinement System uses both silicone gels and sheeting to reduce redness, soften, and flatten scars over time. Silagen® gel is preferred by physicians due to its silky feel and quick drying time, and the silicone sheets are created with advanced adhesion technology and manufactured for optimal thickness. No matter what or where your scar is, Silagen® has a product that can help improve the long-term appearance of it.

How Many Weeks will I Need to Use Silagen®?

Your specific Silagen® treatment plan will need to be discussed with the professionals at Laser Skin and Wellness, as the duration and type of Silagen® product used will depend on the type, severity, and location of the scar. Most patients use Silagen® products for more than six weeks, and we can help monitor the progression of the healing with regular observation.

Who is a Good Candidate for Silagen®?

Anyone who has or is planning on having surgery, whether for medical or cosmetic conditions, can be a candidate for Silagen®. Because Silagen® uses a 100% silicone formula, there’s no risk for allergic reaction or other side effect. If you want a more invisible scar, Silagen® is right for you. The best candidates for Silagen® are those who are nervous about the appearance of a visible scar after facial, abdominal, or other surgery. Scar care begins shortly after the procedure itself and is highly effective at reducing or eliminating incision lines in the long term.

Results and Recovery After Silagen®

Silagen® technology requires no downtime and creates nearly seamless results when used as directed. Using Silagen® can help you get back to a normal social life quicker and look better no matter what procedure you had. Silagen®’s scar care line includes sheets of 12 different shapes and sizes to address both long and small scars anywhere on the body. Silagen® offers both clear and beige colors for the sheeting to ensure it blends in and is as unnoticeable as possible.

Contact Us to Purchase Your Container

Whether you’ve had or are planning on having surgery, we know it can be stressful to think about how unsightly your potential scar will be. Silagen® is a solution to these fears, capable of practically erasing scar lines when used properly on a regular basis. Learn more about this amazing product offered at Laser Skin and Wellness by calling our office today. You can also purchase a bottle over the phone and have it shipped, or simply drop by to pick it up!