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Lose Weight Fast with Optifast®

What is Optifast?

The original weight loss strategy! Like what the name suggests, patients who are enrolled in this awesome program use a nutritionally, medically supervised product that is called Optifast with the goal of losing weight fast and to completely transform themselves. More than one million people have benefited from this proven product since the Optifast Optifast weight loss programprogram was first introduced in 1974. What is involved in the Optifast weight loss program? Lose weight quickly with the Optifast weight loss program. A Full Formula could lasts as long as 12 to 18 weeks. If you are in the active weight loss phase, you can use Optifast soups and shakes in order to replace your normal diet. It has shown proven results because of its superior quality not to mention its delicious taste when compared to the majority of meal replacement products on the market. Throughout the program, you will be closely monitored by our clinicians who are specially trained in using Optifast for weight loss. Our doctor will coordinate with you as well as your regular doctor to achieve a successful result. Does Optifast work? There have been over 80 studies published in recognized medical journals that show the average weight loss using the Optifast diet is about 52.8 lbs. This information was drawn from 20,000 patients using the program. These patients also demonstrated an average of 12% drop in blood sugar and cholesterol as well as a 10% drop in blood pressure. These are fantastic results for patients without using any drugs! What if I don’t want to replace ALL of my meals? We can customize your weight loss program if you have less than 50 lbs to lose. During the active weight loss period, you would replace breakfast, lunch and snacks with Optifast shakes and soups and be able to have a healthy evening meal. Our Nutrition Educator will give you specific guidelines as to what healthy meals should include. With either weight loss program, you will also receive important individual and group education sessions where you will learn to develop nutritious eating plans, healthy lifestyle strategies, and a long-term maintenance plan to help avoid relapses. Call Laser Skin & Wellness to get started on your Optifast weight loss plan today!