Nutritional Consultation

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 Nutrition Educator Counseling

Registered Dietitian Nutritional Counseling. RD nutritionist consultation and eating plan.

Our programs for weight loss include individualized nutrition counseling from our Nutrition Educator, we also have additional meetings available for those patients who need it. Individual nutrition counseling is available to help you: Obtain a deeper understanding about your relationship with food, Manage weight after losing weight successfully Improve stamina and endurance, Provide a specialized meal plan , Develop a healthy meal plan for weight loss, Manage ongoing dietary requirements after weight loss surgery. A Message from Hilary Bollerman, our Nutrition Educator, “As the Nutrition Educator, it is my job to guide patients through their weight loss journey. Weight loss is not just about eating less; it’s much more complex. What works for one person may not work for another. At Laser Skin & Wellness, we consider ALL factors including the patient’s background, health history and lifestyle. When indicated, we can order tests that identify potential contributors to weight gain, including the following: • Nutritional Deficiencies • Food Sensitivities • Genetic Profile Once we have completed our evaluation, we develop an individualized weight loss program that encompasses healthy eating, exercise stress management, sleep hygiene, natural supplements and if necessary, appetite suppressants. We guide and monitor each patient on an as needed basis to achieve your weight loss goals.’ Call us today to schedule your consultation for nutritional counseling with our Nutrition Educator, Hilary Bollerman.