Weight Loss

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If you are serious about losing weight, you’ve probably tried other weight loss programs like weight lossJenny Craig, Nutri-System, Atkins, or South Beach…. What these and all other diets have in common is that THEY LACK THE ONE ELEMENT CRUCIAL TO YOUR SUCCESS — the continual guidance of a trained professional. Our ultimate objective is to help you achieve long-term wellness and health through our individualized weight loss program which consists of customized menu plans, healthy eating, one-on-one nutritional counseling. Science Over Willpower Our weight loss programs are different from others because each is customized to meet your individual needs. Obesity, is indeed, a chronic medical illness that needs a full comprehensive and medically supervised solution. Safe management and maintenance of weight are absolutely guaranteed when done under a supervised program supported by a comprehensive behavioral changes. Our programs do work effectively because they help supress hunger and don’t rely on willpower alone while treating your metabolism. This, in turn, changes your body chemistry and make-up. Each custom-made program consists of essential components designed to achieve safe, weight loss in a little as a few weeks and keeping it off for life! How do we help you do this? Our Nutrition Educator will give you a prescription on a calorie controlled meal plan that will help provide all of the nutrients you need. This will assist in helping change your body chemistry as well as fat-to-lean-muscle ratio. Call now to schedule your complimentary visit at 561-641-9490. We have two locations: Palm Beach Gardens & Lake Worth. You have nothing to LOSE but the weight!

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