Naturally stimulated results to enhance volume.

What is Radiesse®?

Radiesse® is a different kind of injectable aesthetic treatment. Instead of hyaluronic acid, Radiesse’s active ingredient is calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA). This unique formula generates instant results that last – for many patients up to a year or more.


  • Facial contouring
  • Collagen production
  • Elastin production


  • 10-15 minutes

How Does Radiesse Differ From Other Fillers?

Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers that secure moisture from within the skin to fill in wrinkles, lines, and folds throughout the face, Radiesse stimulates skin support proteins like collagen and elastin to firm the skin’s structure and provide the support it needs to look smooth, youthful, and tight.

Radiesse is also the only FDA-approved dermal filler that can be used in both the face and the hands as a volume enhancer. It’s unique as a solution to both slight volume loss as well as skin laxity in these areas.

What is Hyperdilute Radiesse?

Not every area of the skin is ideal for the full formula of Radiesse. That’s why we provide a hyper-diluted formula of Radiesse that makes it more well-suited for parts of the body where a patient can benefit from skin tightening but shouldn’t necessarily receive the full formula of Radiesse. Whatever strength solution Radiesse is applied to certain areas, the skin tightening and texture benefits still apply.

How is Hyperdilute Radiesse Different?

Hyperdilute Radiesse is simply Radiesse with a larger proportion of saline and lidocaine (an anesthetic). In the simplest sense it is Radiesse that spreads out over a greater area than when it’s used in smaller locations like the hands or specific areas of the face. The active ingredient, calcium hydroxylapatite is still functional wherever it’s injected regardless of the concentration of it.

Where Can Hyperdilute Radiesse Work?

Because it’s thinner and has more volume, hyperdilute Radiesse can be used in larger areas compared to the face and hands. In fact, hyperdilute Radiesse can be used in areas such as the decolletage, neck lines, thighs and buttocks for cellulite, knees with skin laxity, and the arms and elbows.

Who is A Good Candidate For Radiesse?

Candidates who are especially well-qualified for Radiesse are people who are looking for smoother, tighter skin who aren’t good candidates for other skin tightening procedures such as laser skin treatments. Both hyperdilute and regular Radiesse also results in zero downtime, meaning those who want a convenient way to tighten their skin in various areas around their face and body without needing to take time off work have this new solution to consider.

Hyperdilute Radiesse In Palm Beach Gardens

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