Laser Skin & Wellness is a MedSpa center in Jupiter which offers discreet services to its patients within its comfortable and welcoming environment. Our highly trained and qualified team strives to give you the highest level of service and helps you look and feel your best. The exceptional care and personalized attention you receive at our MedSpa assures that you get stunning results whichever procedure you choose to undergo at Laser Skin & Wellness. The comprehensive skincare treatments offered at our center help patients from Royal Palm Beach address any skin imperfections that you may be struggling with, including acne and different aging signs. Our goal is to make every patient feel welcomed from the moment you enter our spa and each treatment offers you the desired rejuvenation. If you also feel that your skin has lost its youthful glow, or you are struggling with everyday stress and that is leading to other issues like hair loss, you can talk to our experts about eliminating all your skin issues.

When your skin has lost its elasticity and you are bothered by early signs of aging, we offer several non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures including the injectable Sculptra. You can now healthily restore the volume in your face without any surgery or downtime.

Sculptra is the latest technique for facial rejuvenation. It is used as a filler to bring back the volume in your temples or cheek bones. However, unlike other fillers, Sculptra does not offer you immediate results as your body continues to build collagen for a few months. You will need a few treatment sessions for achieving optimal results and our team will determine this depending on your desired rejuvenation at the initial consultation. We use Sculptra to give you facial features that are naturally and aesthetically rejuvenated.

When is Sculptra the best treatment for you?

Sculptra is an injectable liquid which adds volume to different areas of the face to create soft and youthful features. It helps to build your collagen naturally as it disappears gradually. When our experts administer Sculptra, you can avoid the “overstuffed” look which is common with other fillers.

Sculptra is good when you are looking to eliminate hollow cheeks, temples or chin area; when you wish to soften your cheekbones or define the jawline; and reduce the lines around your mouth, nose and eyes.

How does Sculptra work?

Sculptra is the generic name for PLLA or Poly L Lactic Acid, which is a synthetic lactic acid. It disappears gradually from your body because of the cell enzymes. PLLA fills up areas where you had collagen loss.

Sculptra works on the volume in your face, filling up the hollows and grooves. It provides a natural lift and helps reduce the wrinkles and lines which are a results of volume loss. Your Sculptra results will usually be long lasting and you will need a few touch-up sessions to maintain your stunning results. The treatment stimulates your own cells so that it can produce collagen, and this is the reason why your results last longer and appear natural.

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