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By Cathi DrThomas, CME, Medical Esthetician

One of the quickest fixes for lines in between the brows (the dreaded “11’s”) is BOTOX®.

These simple injections can, in the span of 5 to 10 days, soften or even eliminate those lines, without any downtime, and with  minimal discomfort. And yet I am often faced with a patient who will not even consider BOTOX®!  Why is that?  I have a feeling a little misinformation, or even lack of information, may be the reason.

Quite simply, BOTOX® a very refined and purified protein from the botulinum toxin.

And yes, botulinum toxin can cause deadly consequences, but NOT BOTOX® The most serious side effect from BOTOX® cosmetic injections could be a conditions called “ptosis”, which is a droop of the eyelid when the BOTOX® is injected improperly.  This is a  temporary condition that clears up by itself.

When a patient asks me what to do when the tired, angry face in the mirror does not match the vibrant, happy person inside, I WILL always recommend BOTOX® injections. They are a quick, relatively painless and very effective way to reveal the vibrant person you want the world to see!

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