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It is often said, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” What does this mean? While physical traits often play a role in beauty, what makes a woman truly attractive is based largely on confidence, personality, charisma, a healthy lifestyle and a solid beauty routine.

During his 25-year career as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert M. Tornambe has worked with thousands of women and spent countless hours identifying his patient’s natural good looks and contemplating the nature of beauty. This focus led Dr. Tornambe to devise “The Beauty Quotient Formula,” which is a useful way to look at beauty. This quotient is made up of three distinct categories: Physical Health, Psychological Health and Personal Appearance:

Physical Health – consists of physical characteristics that define a woman’s beauty. A woman’s face or body can be structurally imperfect, but still exquisite.

Psychological Health – involves one’s personality, intelligence, sensitivity and warmth, sense of humor, attitude and overall level of confidence.

Personal Appearance – includes one’s beauty routine. This involves habits regarding skin-care regimen, hair and makeup routines, wardrobe, posture and style.

Additional information on “The Beauty Quotient Formula” is included in this Huffington Post article.

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