What Bothers YOU About You Skin?

By Cathi DeThomas, CME Medical Esthetician

As senior medical esthetician at Laser Skin Solutions, my job is to help patients find solutions for turning back time and setting a plan into motion that works within their budget. This one of the reasons I enjoy my job so much!

It helps when our patients can tell me precisely WHAT concerns them about their skin, but often I am faced with, “My face is getting old, and I don’t like it – what can I do?”

I can certainly look at a patient and make recommendations based on what I see, but sometimes we are not seeing the same things.  This is the best time to grab a mirror, hold it up to the patient, and say “Show me what bothers YOU about your skin”. Then I can get specific, and make suggestions:  When they say, “I hate the frown lines between the brows” – BOTOX® would be the way to go, or “what can I do about the creases by my mouth- that would be a filler, like Juvederm™, or “I spent my early years baking in the sun- look at all of these freckles”- Our Limelight IPLcan take care of the sun damage!

If the patient points out sun damage, wrinkles and allover aging skin, then I would recommend a laser resurfacing treatment like Pearl, or Pearl Fractional to illuminate brown spots AND plump collagen.  I don’t like to overwhelm patients with a lot of information they don’t need – I prefer to zero in on what can really help to achieve their goals, but in order to do that, I need to know: “What bothers YOU about your skin?”


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