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Over the years, many people have turned to liposuction for surgical fat removal and have experienced incredibly positive outcomes. However, some people have a fear of undergoing surgeries, making a non-surgical method very desirable.

TruSculpt is a new non-invasive procedure to remove fat from waist, thighs, love handles or flanks. TruSculpt’s efficacy can be attributed the latest technology of radio frequency that heats the deep layers of fat, thereby eliciting a natural cell response that ultimately eradicates large quantities of fat cells.

Laser Skin & Wellness has recently upgraded its TruSculpt machine to Trusculpt ID, which allows us to treat patients faster, in more areas, and for a larger percentage of fat.

How is TruSculpt Performed?

During the treatment, a handpiece will be placed on the treatment area and upon completion of that segment, it is moved to the next region. Each session takes about 60 minutes to eliminate the stubborn fat deposits. TruSculpt is safe for all skin types.

Downtime & Results

Individuals who cannot lose weight with the help of a controlled diet and exercise may consider methods like TruSculpt. It is important that they within close range of their ideal weight before the undergoing a TruSculpt procedure. TruSculpt is faster, effective and more comfortable than other fat removal approaches like ultrasound and fat-freezing. The best thing about TruSculpt is that the patient can resume routine activities as it does not require any downtime. 3-6 sessions are required to improve the results depending upon the number of target fat deposits that need to be removed and the results start to show up within 4-12 weeks.

Safety & Side Effects

TruSculpt is an overall safe and comfortable procedure with no pains and incisions, as it is a non-invasive procedure. The patients testified a heat sensation at the region of the treatment when the handpiece begins delivering the energy. No pain medications are usually required, yet some topical anesthetics, gels or active cooling might provide a soothing effect on the heated area. Mild redness or tenderness might be felt in the treated area that is typically fixed after a few hours.

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