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Skin Fitness is a relatively new concept.

We all know that in order to keep our bodies healthy and fit, a proper diet and plenty of physical activity is key. What do we need to do once we get our body in shape? We need to keep it there with maintenance! To keep our bodies in good physical shape depends on a proper diet and physical activity for LIFE, not just until you reach that magic number on the scale. The anti-aging world understands that maintenance is just as important for our skin!

The idea of “Skin Fitness” is an important concept for those that want to “anti” age or age more slowly.

When it comes to “skin fitness”, we have to think on the same scale as we do the rest of our body.  We can use fillers, BOTOX®, laser resurfacing and even surgery to achieve a particular end result with the skin.  BUT, what can we do to maintain that result?

Laser Genesis is a no-down time laser treatment that can stimulate the skin to make its own collagen and elastin, AND reduce redness in the skin.  It does this by gently heating the dermis, which increases blood flow and nutrients while causing collagen contraction and collagen synthesis.  The result?  After a series of Laser Genesis treatments, the skin will be plumper, lines and wrinkles will be diminished and pores will be minimized.  The treatment itself is quite relaxing, and again, there is NO DOWNTIME! This is what we call at Laser Skin SolutionsSkin Fitness!

Topical products can be coupled with the Laser Genesis procedure to further enhance and maintain the skin’s fitness.  Antioxidants like Vitamin C, Retinoids or Growth Factors like TNS can all be used in conjuction with the Laser Genesis treatments to keep the skin looking healthy and fresh.

So, just like there is no “miracle pill” to keeping our bodies fit, there is also no one-step procedure that will keep the skin fit forever.

But “skin fitness” CAN be accomplished with a no down time procedure like Laser Genesis.

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