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The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) diet is a medically supervised weight loss program created by Dr. Simeon that has been used over the last few decades with much success, as a safe and effective option for rapid weight loss. HCG is a naturally occurring anti-aging hormone created in the human body that plays a critical role in protecting and controlling the metabolic functions of the body. In fact, women produce massive amounts of HCG during their pregnancy as it pulls non-essential fat stores from mom to nourish the growing fetus. When used appropriately in conjunction with a very low calorie diet (VLCD), HCG specifically targets unhealthy visceral fat that negatively impacts our health while maintaining muscle mass and intracellular water uptake.

After a consultation with a health professional, a qualified candidate will receive a supply of injectable HCG doses, which will be self-administered on a daily basis for a period of 23 or 44 days, depending. The HCG in conjunction with a specified VLCD consisting of real whole foods allows the body to pull non-essential fat from its stores and utilize it as energy.  As a result, the average person can expect to lose anywhere between 0.5-2.0 lbs. of fat per day, with no little to no adverse side effects, hunger or cravings. Interestingly, patients undergoing HCG consistently lose circumference–typically in hips or abdomen–at a constant rate of close to 1 cm. per kilogram of weight lost.

Following a strict maintenance phase, an individual can consume as many calories as necessary and re-introduce new foods back into their diet, while establishing a healthy “set-point” long-term. In general, 60-70% of those patients who follow the recommended guidelines and adopt healthy lifestyle habits can maintain their weight permanently. Repeat sessions may be necessary depending on patient specific weight-loss goals


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