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By Cathi DeThomas, CME, Medical Esthetician

While every person is truly an individual, there are several questions that are always asked:

1.  “Is laser hair removal permanent?” The laser is attracted to the melanin, or pigment in the hair follicle. The hair absorbs the heat from the laser light, and passes it down to the root structure of the hair. The heat disrupts the follicle and approximately 20% of the hair will not grow back. Most patients will need 5 treatments to achieve 70-90% permanent reduction. Due to individual genetics and/or hormone levels, some patients may need additional treatments.

“Is laser safe on all skin types?” Because the skin contains melanin, it will absorb heat as well. Of the three wavelengths of laser light used for hair removal, only the NdYag, or 1064nm wavelength, is safe for ALL skin types. With the NdYag technology, laser hair removal can be achieved both safely and effectively, regardless of skin color.

3.  “Is laser hair removal painful?” To be honest, any laser used at effective treatment settings is going to be uncomfortable, but of the thousands of patients we have treated in over 11 years, less than a handful have opted to stop treatment due to discomfort.  Unlike electrolysis, laser is FAST, so treating small areas like underarms or bikini takes only a few minutes!  For larger areas of the body, like legs, chest or back, we recommend taking Tylenol prior to treatment.

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