Laser Hair Removal – Missed Opportunity?

Cathi De Thomas, CME Medical Esthetician

In Florida, laser hair removal treatments continue to be a busy part of our business all year round.

But some people only think of laser hair removal when it is blazing hot and they are putting on a bathing suit! For most of us, our kids have gone back to school and the summer is officially over this Labor Day weekend. Thankfully we can retire the summer shorts and swimsuits until next season. Does that mean you shouldn’t start your laser hair removal treatments now?

Of course not! This is the best time to begin your journey. Just think, no more razor bumps, rashes, dark spots or ingrown hairs can be a thing of the past! No more choosing clothing based on covering up unwanted hair. Even better, no waxing or tweezing hair after a series of laser hair removal treatments.

Since hairs grow in different cycles, laser hair removal is a process, rather than a one-time only treatment.

And the treatments have to be spaced far enough apart (usually 6-8 week intervals) in order to catch those hairs at the optimal time for treatment. That means, that now is the perfect time to start treating your bikini, underarms and legs with laser hair removal. By the time next summer rolls around, you will have had the benefit of several laser hair removal treatments, and can enjoy your hair-free results! Many patients start with one body part and they are so thrilled that they continue laser hair removal treatments on to other body parts!

At Laser Skin Solutions, we have the most experience and the best laser for the South Florida climate. An important thing to mention is that the laser is attracted to the pigment (color) in the hair. So the dark coarse hair is the best to treat, medium brown hair will possibly need a few extra treatments and blond and white hair cannot be treated. This is the reason that we have both laser and IPL devices to treat the widest range of hair color and regardless of your skin color; we can SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY remove unwanted hair on most areas of the body. So get started with your laser hair removal treatments now, and be smooth and hair-free by Memorial Day 2012!

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