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You may want to consider a Vitalize peel if:

* You are using good skin care products but your skin still needs a boost.

* Your skin is dry and dull.
* You have regular facials but still no glow!
* You have mild to moderate acne.
* Your acne is deep and glycolic chemical peels don’t go that deep.
* You have always had pigment and some peels can make it worse.
* You have very sensitive skin.
* You have not been happy with other peels in the past
* Your skin looks great but you want to keep it that way and encourage cellular turnover.
If you said yes to any of the statements listed above then a Vitalize peel could be just the cost effective treatment you need. The Vitalize peel is a mild to moderate cosmeceutical (physician office use only) acid based chemical peel by Skin Medica and is designed to penetrate through to the dermis. This degree of penetration will have an effect on cellular turnover, degree of oiliness and pigment. Anytime the epidermis and dermis  is targeted, immediate and longer lasting results can mean a clearer and fresher skin tone as well as texture.
All skin types can benefit from a Vitalize peel, however, with darker skin tones, precautions are taken to prevent any possible pigment changes. Following the application of a Vitalize peel, the impact at the epidermal level will typically be seen within a few days. Actual skin shedding, which may be microscopic, will remove dead skin cells. These dead cells can contribute to a dry appearance or a patchy complexion. Excess oils will also be eliminated. At the dermal level, retinoic acid can be an acne preventative and accelerate new cell growth. These dermal effects will result in more lasting epidermal improvement with oil control and more youthful skin cells.
Having regular Vitalize peels and using good skin products will certainly enhance the overall complexion, but, just as regular use of any product can result in diminished return, at Laser Skin Solutions we recommend a variety of different treatment options to create that same glowing result we all desire. And it is fun to change treatment protocols and choose from the ever growing beauty box!

If you are looking for an economical, cosmeceutical grade chemical peel, then a Vitalize peel may be just what you need to get your glow back!

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