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We all know that eating healthy, avoiding cigarette smoke and limiting sun exposure are good ways of slowing down the effects of Father Time. But did you know the secret weapon in the war against aging is exercise? It has many additional benefits than just keeping your Lululemon outfits fitting well. Exercise keeps you young from the inside out. It tricks your cells into acting as they did years ago.

In fact, a recent study at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada discovered that exercise kept a strain of mice from becoming prematurely gray. This study, which was published in the New York Times, showed mice that exercised on a treadmill for 45 minutes a day had full pelts of dark fur, no salt-and-pepper shadings and maintained almost all of their muscle mass and brain volume after 8 months. Their sedentary lab mates were bald, frail and dying. The lesson in this experiment, according to Dr. Tarnopolsky who led the study, is “exercise alters the course of aging.”

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