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By Shelly Kramer, ARNP, Laser Aesthetic Specialist

Most of us are aware that using sunscreen is critical when participating in outdoor activities.

We need to consider other aspects of protection in preventing skin cancer and anti-aging. First of all we are exposed to damaging rays every day, even when we are not directly in the sun. Walking to the car, sitting next to a window and office fluorescent lighting expose us to UV rays.

Secondly the sunscreen used, should be a minimum of 30 SPF broad spectrum, UVA and UVB protection. With outdoor activity, reapplication is necessary every two hours and if swimming or excessive perspiration, more often.

Thirdly, consider exposure in areas in which sunscreen may not typically be applied, such as the top of the head, neck, ears and feet. It is possible to get sun damage even through your clothing! When spending time outdoors, the safest bet is to apply sunscreen prior to dressing with a special emphasis on vulnerable areas, not forgetting a hat and sunglasses!

Be smart, be prepared, and be protected. We are responsible for minimizing the risk of skin cancer and preventing aging in ourselves, and our love ones.

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