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EMSCULPT NEO is an all-in-one device that builds muscle while reducing fat and is the newest version of BTL’s devices. It involves a quick, non-invasive treatment plan that will help you sculpt your ideal body after just a few sessions.

Body Sculpting

Body sculpting is a nonsurgical solution that reduces fat and helps contour different areas of the body. EMSCULPT is an innovative design – the first to build muscle as an alternative to having to lift weights for months to acquire the body you want. EMSCULPT NEO continued this innovation with a new version to simultaneously reduce fat and stimulate muscle growth with the addition of radio frequency to reduce fat.

How Does It Work?

EMSCULPT NEO is a two-in-one treatment intended for a wide range of clients who want to build muscle while also slimming down. Two types of energy are emitted into the muscle, each with a unique purpose. Radiofrequency energy raises the muscle’s temperature, like muscle temperature being raised during a warmup activity. Once a certain temperature is reached in the subcutaneous layer of fat (near the surface of the skin), fat cells are damaged and “melt” away from the body. High intensity electromagnetic energy is simultaneously emitted, causing muscle contractions that help new muscle fibers grow.

EMSCULPT NEO’s ability to reduce fat while building muscle is the most significant difference, but what else has changed?

Product Differences

Increased Muscle Mass

The EMSCULPT device increased muscle mass by 16% over a series of treatments, but EMSCULPT NEO builds off this accomplishment by increasing muscle growth by up to 25%. 9% may not seem like a lot of improvement, but the results speak for themselves.

Increased Fat Reduction

With the combination of radiofrequency heating and HIFEM+, it only takes 4 minutes for your body to be ready for fat reduction and muscle toning. Studies show that patients experienced, on average, 30% reduction in body fat with the EMSCULPT NEO.


The EMSCULPT solely used electromagnetic energy to cause intense muscle contractions and build muscles. The EMSCULPT NEO now uses electromagnetic energy for those muscle contractions along with radiofrequency which heats the muscle and causes fat to atrophy.

Treatment Areas

The EMSCULPT NEO has a wider range of applications than the original EMSCULPT machine, able to reduce fat and tone muscle for the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and calves, and arms. Depending on your specific goals, EMSCULPT NEO can help you achieve your ideal results.

Treatment Schedule

EMSCULPT and EMSCULPT NEO have similar treatment programs: 30-minute treatments with a minimum of four sessions. The big difference is that EMSCULPT required treatment every 2-3 days while EMSCULPT NEO treatments are only conducted once a week for 4 weeks, which saves the client a lot of time.

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Laser Skin & Wellness is now offering the EMSCULPT NEO at our Palm Beach Gardens office. Schedule a consultation online or call our office at 561-641-9490 to see what this unbelievable treatment can do for you.

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