Hormone replacement therapy or supplementation has a long history, and hormone replacement has been demonstrated to have many benefits. For women, hormone replacement, when given at the proper time, using the proper hormones and dosing levels, and when monitored properly, can reduce risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, and even some cancers.
Because hormone replacement has become controversial since the publication of the Women’s Health Initiative study (WHI), many women have been afraid of hormone replacement and many doctors reluctant to prescribe it. However, with new information and worldwide data supporting the safety and efficacy of hormone replacement when given properly and monitored properly.

What is pellet hormone therapy?

Pelleted hormone therapy has a long history of use in men, and has become increasingly popular for women. Pellet hormone therapy involves inserting a tiny hormone containing pellet (about the size of a grain of rice) under the skin, usually in the buttocks region, every few months. The pellet releases the hormone slowly throughout that time providing continuous blood levels of the hormone. 
The most common hormones found in pellets are testosterone and estradiol, the “male” and “female” hormones, respectively. Monitoring of blood levels and hormone metabolites is an important part of therapy, and additional supplements or prescriptions may be needed to provide the proper hormonal support.

What is the procedure like?

After baseline evaluation including laboratory hormone levels and a full history and physical exam and evaluation of previous hormone replacement dosages (when appropriate), a starting dose is calculated. Ideally, this dosage should be at or just below the calculated dose so that normal levels are not exceeded.
Once the evaluation is complete, the pellets are available, and dosing is confirmed, an office visit for sterile pellet placement is scheduled. Typically, the pellets are inserted under the fat in the buttocks near the hip bones. This process is performed by first cleansing the skin, then numbing the skin and tissue under the skin and making a very small nick in the skin. A sterile hollow needle (trocar), large enough to fit the pellet through, is then placed through the skin and into the underlying fat pad, and the pellets inserted through the needle. The device is then withdrawn leaving the pellets about an inch under the skin.
The skin is closed with a steri-strip surgical tape and covered with sterile gauze which remains in place for 1-2 days.  Heavy exercise should be avoided for 72 hours following pellet placement, but normal activity is fine.  

Are there any downsides to pellet hormone therapy?

While pelleted hormone therapy can be very satisfying for many women, it is not for everyone. It is absolutely necessary to have a full evaluation and understanding of an individual’s response to hormone therapy.
We begin with a carefully planned and monitored regimen in order to achieve optimal results. Often, the unsatisfying results occur because the dosage was started at an excessively high level and not tailored to the individual. Our philosophy of “start low, go slow” with close monitoring of symptoms and hormone levels tends to create greater patient satisfaction and emphasize safety and tolerability.
Most women do well with placement every 3 months, although some are able to go longer as they metabolize the hormones more slowly. Creating a regimen that is specific to each patient is the primary objective in offering successful pellet hormone therapy.
Dr. Kiley is accepting appointments for new and ongoing hormone replacement therapy consultations including pelleted hormone therapy. This therapy can be helpful when traditional hormone replacement therapy fails to provide satisfactory relief or creates difficulties with consistent use due to inconvenience.

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Losing weight at any age is a challenge, but as you get older, you’ll start to notice that it gets a little more difficult. Exercises and diets you once did to get rid of love handles fast in your 20’s just doesn’t have the same effect that it does after 40. There is just something that gives us trouble losing weight after 40, and here are a few ways that you can combat it and look youthful, as well as healthy.

Put time into your skin at home and the spaFit woman working out with pink dumbbells

Facial skin is notorious for giving away your age, and if you want to look younger, then there are a few steps that you’ll need to take. First, you should put time in at home, as well as at spa. When you make your appointment at Laser Skin & Wellness, you’ll be able to speak with a professional about peels and skin tightening treatments that compliment your facial routine at home.

Learn about non-invasive contouring procedures to get rid of love handles

We all want to learn how to get rid of love handles fast because these can be tricky after 40. When you think of your favorite pair of jeans hugging you perfectly at a younger age, trust that it’s not impossible to regain that feeling. We offer non-invasive solutions to help compliment your efforts like exercise and diet, so you get those natural curves back.

Be realistic about weight loss results

If you have trouble losing weight after 40, be sure that you are setting realistic goals because while we would all love it, we just won’t be able to look like a Hollywood twenty-year-old. Set achievable results and know that improvements are possible, but there is no magical formula, and you’ll need to put in the work and involve the professionals.

Learn the rhythm of your body

One of the most beautiful things about aging is that you become more at home in your body and understand its rhythm. When it comes to losing weight by this time in your life, you should have any idea of what works for you and what doesn’t. Meet with a professional nutritionist if you have trouble losing weight after 40 and you want a customized diet to fit your lifestyle. This is a fantastic moment to appreciate and respect your body, so pay attention to your eating patterns, how you feel after exercising and talk to a professional about the best weight loss programs for you.

Begin with a FREE consultation

Now is the ideal time to bring in the professionals at Laser Skin & Wellness to help give your efforts at home a boost when you have trouble losing weight after 40. Our consultation is at no obligation to you because we just want you to be informed about your options so that you find the ideal solution. If you live in West Palm Beach Florida and the surrounding areas, call 561-641-9490 or fill out our convenient contact form to learn more!

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