Both men and women deal with the lack of toned muscles and excess fat, especially around the abdomen and thighs. Even if you adopt the right diet plan and do the right exercises for muscle toning, it can feel like it’s not always enough. However, the cosmetic industry is advancing constantly, coming up with better tools, techniques, and technologies to help providers produce amazing results. EmSculpt is one exciting new treatment you should know about for toning muscle and reducing fat.

What is EmSculpt?

EmSculpt is a non-surgical treatment method used for muscle toning and fat reduction by stimulating muscle contractions using high-frequency electromagnetic energy. As a non-invasive body shaping procedure, EmSculpt is a quick and effective way to tone your favorite areas and reduce fat. In studies, patients lost an average of 19% fat and increased muscle by 16%. This makes EmSculpt an effective alternative to some surgical procedures like a tummy tuck or butt lift.

How EmSculpt Tones Muscles

EmSculpt relies on high-intensity electromagnetic energy to stimulate the muscles and cause them to contract beyond what your body can achieve on its own. This causes the muscles to build mass and burn fat as energy. EmSculpt is FDA-approved for treating the stomach and buttocks and can also be used to strengthen the thighs. Each 30-minute treatment is the equivalent of doing 20,000 crunches or squats!

How many treatments will I need?

It’s important to note that EmSculpt works best as a package of four or more treatments performed a couple times a week. There’s no downtime, however, so you can return to your regular schedule and workout routine afterwards.

Why Should I Opt for EmSculpt?

There are a lot of benefits that come with EmSculpt like its excellent results without any downtime. Many patients are excited to discover that EmSculpt can produce results similar to a surgical procedure without the risks or recovery. EmSculpt can be a great accompaniment to your workout regimen and produce results faster than exercise and diet alone. Additionally, EmSculpt requires only a quick, 30-minute session, meaning you can easily fit it into your schedule.

To get started on your unique EmSculpt treatment plan and begin toning your favorite areas, contact our office by calling or filling out our online form.

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If you’re looking to make a big impression this holiday season, then Emsculpt might be the best option for you. This new non-surgical treatment can simultaneously burn fat and tone muscle with just a few treatments, making it the perfect complement to your healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the greatest benefits of this effective treatment.

Two-for-one results

Although there are many different body sculpting technologies out there, Emsculpt provides the most effective and desirable results. It not only reduces fat and enhances contours, but it’s the only system that simultaneously builds and tones muscle at the same time. The best part is that this occurs with only a few treatments, so it’s a great option for patients looking to put the finishing touches on their weight loss goals or jumpstart a new, healthy lifestyle.

Painless treatment

Although the technique might sound scary, Emsculpt is completely painless and only causes the same achiness as an extended exercise session. Emsculpt works by sending electromagnetic energy to the muscle, causing it to contract harder than it could achieve on its own. This technique causes the muscle to build mass to adapt to the contraction and shed fat at the same time. This means you can enjoy some quiet time as you sculpt and tone your figure without the hassle.

Fewer treatment sessions

The biggest benefit of Emsculpt is that most patients see results with only a few treatment sessions. We usually recommend patients undergo a series of four treatments at twice a week, with touch-up sessions every few months to maintain great results. This offers huge benefits over other body sculpting treatments which can require far more treatment sessions spaced further apart. With the holidays coming up, Emsculpt can sculpt your fatty areas and build muscle without anyone else knowing.

Emsculpt is one of the best options when it comes to refining and toning your body. The best way to begin planning your Emsculpt treatment package is by contacting our Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens offices to schedule a consultation by calling or filling out our online form.

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There are many different body sculpting treatments out there that don’t require surgery, so it can seem overwhelming trying to pick the right one for you. There are some things you should know about EMSCULPT, though, because it’s one of the best options available when it comes to achieving your ideal body.


EMSCULPT is a non-surgical body sculpting treatment that uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscles, causing them to contract. This technique creates contraction beyond what the body can achieve on its own, causing the muscle to adapt by building mass and burning fat. This means EMSCULPT has benefits beyond traditional body sculpting systems, which only focus on reducing fatty areas. Because of this, EMSCULPT can be the perfect treatment to complement your diet and exercise routine for boosted results.

What areas can I treat?

EMSCULPT is FDA-approved for use on the stomach and buttocks, which are areas that commonly experience fatty deposits and weakened muscle mass. EMSCULPT can have great benefits in treating the abdomen by strengthening the core muscles, leading to greater support and all-around strength. It can also have the same effect as a tummy tuck procedure in tightening loosened muscles as a result of pregnancy or weight gain. Additionally, EMSCULPT is sometimes known as the non-surgical butt lift, since it can tighten and tone the buttocks while also reducing fat.

What is treatment like?

EMSCULPT requires only a few painless treatment sessions in order to see best results. Most patients undergo two treatment sessions for two weeks, with additional maintenance treatments around a few months later. Many patients see results within the first few treatments, even. EMSCULPT is not painful, and only feels like a mild muscle contraction when the nodes are applied to the skin. Afterwards, many patients report feeling like they’ve undergone an intense workout. Treatment sessions only take around thirty minutes, and many patients choose to catch up on their book or show. After treatment, you won’t need any downtime.

EMSCULPT is one of the greatest new innovations in the non-surgical treatment market. To see what EMSCULPT can do for you, schedule a consultation with our expert technicians by contacting our offices.

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