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By Cathi DeThomas

I am often asked which treatment I think is the best anti-aging procedure.

I would have to say the combination of laser Genesis and Vibraderm is the best anti-aging procedure! We begin with a Vibraderm treatment.  This is our preferred method of microdermabrasion, which uses a polished steel paddle to exfoliate the skin, rather than suction and harsh abrasives.  And this is just the beginning of the best anti-aging procedure! This exfoliation enhances the penetration of the laser heat, which makes it an ideal companion treatment to Laser Genesis, which is the next part of this treatment.

Next we perform the Laser Genesis which involves the use of the NdYag 1064 laser to gently and safely heat the skin, causing contraction of collagen in the mid to upper dermis.  This contraction stimulates the dermis to produce new collagen.  More collagen in the skin means smaller pore size, fewer fine lines and even less underlying redness in the skin’s appearance.  Overall, the skin will eventually look fresher and smoother.  And best of all there is NO downtime with this treatment. It can be done the day of a big party. Your skin will be “glowing” after the treatment so you even though you can apply make-up right after treatment, you might want to skip it altogether!

Yet another reason by this is the best anti-aging procedure!

As part of a “skin fitness” routine, Laser Genesis and Vibraderm can’t be beat! At Laser Skin Solutions, we recommend monthly treatments to slow the aging process and as a maintenance program after other laser procedures. After you have this combination of treatments, you too will think it is the best anti-aging procedure!

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