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Karen Lederman is the founder and Brand President of Laser Skin & Wellness and Laser Consultants. A native of Columbus, Ohio and longtime Palm Beach County resident, she began her career in sales, appraisal, and design in the fine jewelry industry. Twenty years ago, a desire to stay fit and healthy drove her to start a business dedicated to helping others maintain their beauty and reverse the aging process. A passion for innovation-led Karen to bring some of the latest technologies for beauty and health to the area. What started as a small hair removal practice grew to a comprehensive center for skincare, anti-aging, and integrative medicine.

Practices around the country noticed her success and sought her advice, so in 2003 she formed Laser Consultants. She would go on to assist over 350 medical providers across the country to add aesthetics to their business. Karen has over 30 years of experience in sales, management, and marketing to clients interested in beauty and health.

After raising two daughters, she and her physician husband are empty-nesters, spending their free time traveling the world or at home with their two dogs.

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