Give the gift of beauty and join the BEAUTY CLUB for the best pricing ALL year! 


Join one of our Beauty Clubs for the best pricing all year round!

Club pricing is charged at the 1st of every month. Members choose 1 treatment per month in either our Baby Beauty, Bronze Beauty or the Golden Beauty and also receive 10% off on all regular priced treatments. Bronze and Golden Beauty can also receive 10% off Fillers and Toxin treatments.

6 month minimum commitment.

Beauty Baby …. Choose 1 of the following for $160/mo, or use this option as your Beauty Bank! (Does not include 10% off fillers and BOTOX®.)

Microderm/Vibraderm with Mask exfoliates and hydrates the skin for a radiant glow. (Regular price $200)
RedLight Oxygen Facial with High Frequency increases circulation, reduces fine lines, and firms skin. Gardens Office Only. (Regular price $250)
Microdermabrasion with Oxygen Facial treats congestion and improves circulation for a healthy glow. Gardens Office Only. (Regular price $250)

Bronze Beauty …. Choose 1 of the following treatments for $230/mo.

IPL PhotoFacial erases pigmentation and sun damage to achieve clear, glowing skin. (Regular price $350)
Vibraderm / Genesis exfoliates with micro-crystals to remove debris and dead skin cells. (Regular price $300)
VI Peel® exfoliates and nurtures the skin with the best in cosmeceutical products and solutions. (Regular price $300)
DermaPen stimulates new collagen production through micro injuries at a customized depth. (Regular price $275)
Dermaplaning with Peel smooths and exfoliates the skin to remove debris, fine hair, and congestion. (Regular price $275)

Golden Beauty …. Choose 1 of the following treatments for $390/mo.

Titan™ Laser (Skin Tightening) tightens and firms skin using industry-leading infrared energy. (Regular price $500)
Plasma Pen™ (Upper and Lower Eyelids) penetrates the skin and induces collagen with plasma energy. (Regular price $500)
Lip Blushing deposits pigment in the lips to improve both shape and color. (Regular price $500)
Vivace™ RF stimulates collagen and contracts skin through radio frequency-emitting micro-needles. (Regular price $550)
Fractional 1540 stimulates natural collagen to improve aging signs, scars, acne, and stretch marks.  Gardens Office Only. (Regular price $500)
Opus Plasma™  (Face only) radio-frequency Plasma technology to jumpstart natural collagen production. Achieve laser resurfacing results with very little downtime. Additional $100. Gardens Office Only. (Regular price $600)
Morpheus8 (Face only) utilizes radio frequency energy in combination with microneedles to remodel collagen. Additional $200. Gardens Office Only. (Regular price $800)