Laser Skin & Wellness is a MedSpa center that offers discreet spa services to its patients from Wellington. The welcoming medspa has a highly qualified and trained team to give you unparalleled service and optimal results. The Laser Skin & Wellness medspa helps you look and feel your best with the customized attention and exceptional care it offers with each procedure. You can choose from a range of comprehensive skincare treatments that can help you get rid of any skin issues you may be struggling with like early signs of aging and acne. We ensure that our patients feel welcome from the moment they walk into our medspa and each of the treatments we personalize for them offers the desired rejuvenation. Everyday stress leads to your skin losing its healthy glow and you may face issues like hair loss and sagging skin. The Laser Skin & Wellness helps you eliminate these and many more skin issues.

Skin treatments

The skin health procedures offered at our medspa help you to eliminate various skin issues. We know that no two of our patients have the same skin type and that is why our skin treatments our customized to suit your specific skin, issues, and cosmetic goals. Before choosing the best treatment for you, we also consider your skin tone and age. There are several skincare treatments you can choose from that restore your youthful glow like medical grade peels and facials, dermaplaning and enzyme treatments. Our patients in Wellington can choose from these skin treatments to get healthy and glowing skin:

Laser treatments

We offer the latest laser treatments to our patients to help them deal with various skin issues like veins, pigmentation as well as skin and vaginal rejuvenation and tattoo removal. A major advantage of using laser treatments is that with the skin rejuvenation, you also get natural skin tightening since it stimulates your body to produce collagen. If you are looking for skin rejuvenation and tightening, here are your options in Wellington:


Injectables offer a beneficial alternative to the invasive surgical procedures in order to eliminate signs of aging, add volume to areas that have hollowed and added definition to different facial features. You can choose from neuromodulators like Botox that reduce the wrinkles and lines on your face and restore a smooth and youthful skin or dermal fillers that give you a refreshed appearance by enhancing your facial features. Once we understand your specific requirements, we also offer you the benefits of medical facials and non-surgical facelift. Here are the procedures you can choose from in Wellington:

Weight loss services

If you have tried different weight loss programs but to no avail, it is time to take advantage of the well trained and specialized board certified physicians at our center. It is the goal of our team to help you achieve your long-term health goals with our customized weight loss program. We offer personalized plans and one-on-one consultation. You can also get metabolism boosting injections at our center for taking care of any deficiencies and to optimize the utilization of energy. When looking for weight management help in Wellington, here are your choices:

Body contouring procedures

Even those who follow a diet and exercise regimen and are fit may be finding it difficult to shed stubborn deposits from certain areas of the body. This means that you could be struggling with undesired contours in areas like the love handles, fatty thighs or abdominal pouch. We offer the best in non-surgical procedures to help you achieve the body contours you always desired. These procedures at Laser Skin & Wellness offer fat loss, skin tightening, and muscle sculpting to give you a slimmer and well-toned appearance. Patients in Wellington can choose from these procedures:

Wellness services

We offer personalized treatment plans for the overall wellbeing of our patients with treatments like hormone replacement therapy, vitamin therapy, or acupuncture. These treatments are effective in offering you relief from pain, allergies, and stress in addition to offering a boost of vitamins and minerals that help you go through your day. So many of us feel drained by the end of the day or suffer from allergies that were left untreated. Our specialists understand your specific requirements and offer you the best of wellness services. You can choose from these wellness services in Wellington:

About Wellington, FL

Wellington is a village west of West Palm Beach in central Palm Beach County of Florida. It is the most populous village in Florida and the 5th largest municipality in Palm Beach County. It is part of the Miami metropolitan area and named Money Magazine’s “Top 100” Best Places to Live in 2010. Popularly known as the village of Wellington, it is home to several parks like Aquatics Complex, Environmental Preserve, Aero Club Drive Park and Essex Park. Beach activities are just a 30-minute drive and you can also access Fort Lauderdale which is less than an hour’s drive. Wellington is known for its equestrian community and hosts equestrian events, notably show jumping, dressage, hunting, and polo. It also hosts seasonal events like the annual Top Gun model aircraft show, the Barett-Jackson Auto auction, and antique shows as well as holiday parades. The Coral Sky Amphitheater regularly hosts film and musical events in their outdoor venue.