Laser Skin & Wellness is a MedSpa center in Jupiter which offers discreet services that are both comfortable and welcoming. It is the aim of our highly trained and qualified team to offer you the highest level of service and help you look and feel your best. With the exceptional patient care and personalized attention you receive at our MedSpa, you can be assured of getting stunning results with every procedure. The comprehensive skincare treatments you can choose at our center help you get rid of any skin issues that you have been facing like acne and aging signs. Our patients feel welcomed from the moment they enter the spa and each treatment offers the desired rejuvenation. If you think your skin has lost its healthy glow, you are struggling with everyday stress and its leading to issues like hair loss, you can visit our center in Jupiter to eliminate these and more skin issues.

Skin treatments

The skin health procedures offered at our center in Jupiter help deal with a variety of skin issues; we understand that no two patients have similar skin types. We offer personalized treatment plans once we understand your specific skin issues and aesthetic goals. Some other factors we take into consideration include your age, skin type and skin tone. You can choose from the latest in dermaplaning, medical grade peels and facials as well as enzyme treatments which restore the youthful glow to your skin. Here are the skin treatments that help you achieve a healthy skin:

Laser treatments

You can enjoy the latest in laser treatments which will help you with a variety of issues including elimination of veins, reduction in pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal and vaginal rejuvenation as well. One of the major advantages of using laser treatments is that in addition to the desired rejuvenation, it also stimulates your body to produce collagen and this gives you natural skin tightening over time. Patients in Jupiter looking for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening for a smoother appearance, can choose from the following treatments:


Injectables are a great alternative to invasive and surgical procedures that help you reduce signs of aging, add volume to hollowed areas and add definition to your facial features. Neuromodulators like Botox help relax the lines and wrinkles on the face to restore your youthful appearance and dermal fillers enhance your facial contours giving you a refreshed appearance. Depending on your requirements, we also offer non surgical facelift and medical facials that help you reach your cosmetic goals. Patients in Jupiter can choose from these injectables:

Weight loss services

If you have tried several weight loss programs but it hasn’t worked out for you, then you need the services of a highly specialized board certified physician at our center in Jupiter. Our goal is to help you realize your long term health goals and to achieve this, our team offers you a personalized weight loss program. We help you with customized menu plans and are available for one on one counseling. You can take advantage of metabolism boosting injections that offer treatment for any deficiencies and help you utilize energy. When you are struggling with weight issues and need weight management, you can choose from the following:

Body contouring procedures

Even though you may have been strictly following a diet and exercise program, it could get difficult to lose that stubborn deposit in certain areas of the body. These undefined contours can be seen in love handles, abdominal pouch or fatty thighs. At our center in Jupiter, we offer the best non surgical procedures that help you’re your body contouring desires. Achieve a slimmer and toned body with a range of treatments that offer fat loss, muscle sculpting and skin tightening. Here are the procedures you can choose from:

Wellness services

We offer customized treatment plans for overall wellbeing of our patients and this includes treatments like hormone replacement therapy, vitamin therapy and traditional methods like acupuncture. These treatments have proven their efficacy with relief from pain, allergies and everyday stress as well as with offering a boost of minerals and vitamins that help you go through the day. It is not uncommon for a number of us to feel drained of energy by the end of the day or suffer from untreated allergies. Once we understand your specific needs, our specialists will be able to assist you with the best in wellness services. Here are the wellness choices you have in Jupiter:

About Jupiter, FL

Jupiter is a town located on the southeastern coast of Florida. The red 1860 Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse situated on a hill overlooking the Loxahatchee River offers some spectacular views. The site also offers a pioneer era homestead and a museum that is devoted to regional history and is housed in a World War II US Navy building. The Jupiter beach faces the Atlantic Ocean and Carlin Park along the beachfront has several tennis courts and playgrounds. The beaches in Jupiter are dog friendly and many residents and visitors are drawn to them every day.