What to Know Before Trying QWO®

Most women have cellulite at some point in their lives, but despite being so common, most would agree that they would rather have smooth skin. Cellulite is not caused by excess fat or lack of exercise. Instead, the condition is caused by collagen bands pulling the skin down and creating dimples. QWO® is a new treatment option that many patients are interested in trying to reduce cellulite. Before you schedule your consultation, here are some things you should know about QWO®.

What is QWO®?

QWO® is a new treatment option for cellulite. It is an injectable product that works using an enzyme to break down the collagen fiber bands that pull the skin down and create the dimpled appearance of cellulite. QWO® has been proven to be effective through clinical trials, and because it is an injectable, there is no anesthesia or surgery required to complete the treatment and achieve smoother skin.

Who is a Good Candidate for QWO®?

About 90% of women have cellulite, meaning that QWO® can be beneficial for a large number of patients. The treatment is approved for women who have unwanted cellulite on the buttocks or thighs. During a consultation, your injector will evaluate your skin and make sure that cellulite is the true reason for an uneven or dimpled look. In some cases, skin laxity is the cause for dimples rather than cellulite—for these patients, another treatment option would be more effective. You will also review your health history to make sure that QWO® is a safe option for you. QWO® is not recommended for those who have bleeding disorders, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have certain allergies.

When Will I See Results from QWO®?

QWO® treatment is completed in a course of three injection sessions which are scheduled about 21 days apart. Most patients will see their final results about ten weeks after their first injection session. By this point, you will notice significantly smoother skin and visibly reduced cellulite.

Is QWO® Safe?

QWO® is safe for patients who are healthy enough to receive the injections. There are some common side effects of treatment, with bruising being the most notable. Particularly after your first injections, bruising is the most profound and will last several days. You may also notice soreness, similar to what you would feel after a workout, as well as nodules which should dissipate within a week.

Some risks of QWO® injections can include allergic reactions, swelling, or pain at the injection site. If you notice hives, trouble breathing, or other significant symptoms, you should contact a doctor as soon as possible. These risks are rare and can generally be avoided by disclosing relevant health conditions or allergies with your injector during your consultation. Your injector will also give you specific aftercare information to help you avoid these risks and minimize any side effects.

Schedule a Consultation

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