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With the holidays behind us and a fresh new year ahead, it’s time to make a few decisions about how to improve the quality of our lives. Even people who don’t believe in resolutions have a hard time not wanting to better themselves in 2016. Here are the top resolutions for 2016, and how you can get moving in the right direction from day one. Beautiful Girl Face

Have a healthier lifestyle

Many people separate living healthier from losing weight. A healthier lifestyle includes cutting back on alcohol, quitting smoking, drinking less caffeine, and all of those other lifestyle choices that can slow you down. While incorporating a better diet into your life can certainly help you lose weight, your motives for wanting a healthier lifestyle may be bigger than dropping few pounds for your vacation in June, such as preventing cancer or diabetes. The key to having a healthier lifestyle is practicing self-discipline, staying motivated, and having a way to check in and reward yourself for a job well done.

Lose weight

Losing weight is at the top of the list when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions. Laser Skin & Wellness has multiple opportunities for you to lose weight and keep it off this year. Some clients choose to have a detox in January while others want to speak to an expert and have a program designed specifically for them. Whatever your weight loss goals are this year, don’t’ hesitate to contact Laser Skin & Wellness to help you get started (and keep you accountable).

Live in the moment

This resolution people are making in 2016 has to do with living life to the fullest and putting down devices that can distract us from our every day. People are spending more time with their faces in smartphones and tablets, and less time with the actual people they are surrounded by. This is the year that people will take notice and become more mindful of their surroundings. Does this mean you won’t see as many people walking and texting or less phone action at restaurants? Only time will tell! Start by taking small steps such as turning your phone on silent for dinner. Then, gradually use it less and less.

Be more involved with loved ones

Life gets busy, and we tend to ignore the people that matter the most to us in life. Over the holidays we see everyone again and wonder, why do we wait all year to spend time together? When you want to be more involved with friends and family, the best way to do it is to schedule the time and don’t cancel! Put that meeting with your mother, sister, or old roommate in ink and follow through.

Laser Skin & Wellness wants to know what your New Year’s Resolution is this year. Our team is ready to help you achieve your weight loss and lifestyle goals through healthy and smart applications. So grab a loved one, turn your phone on silent, and make an appointment by calling 561-641-9490 or visiting our locations in Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens so that you can get started today.

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