For years, we’ve been told that stress can kill you and happy people live longer. But what if the opposite is true? UC-Riverside health researchers Friedman and Martin recently published a book, The Longevity Project, based on an eight-decade-long Stanford University study of 1,500 Californians. They found surprising lessons about who lives a long, healthy life and why. The results may surprise you! Persistent folks live longer, some stress is actually good for you and marriage is not always the magic ticket to a long life, especially if you are a woman. Below are a few recommendations to increase your chances of a long life from the longevity study:

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Ask us about an all new way of rejuvenating skin and reducing the effects of aging: Laser Genesis.  Finally, a solution that has no harsh side effects and NO downtime! Laser Genesis is nicknamed ‘Red Carpet Treatment’ because movie stars’ can receive treatments and later that day be able to walk the carpet feeling and looking amazing.

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“Many people state that liposuction and liposculpting is identical, it involves removal of fat in the body and is just different names for the similar technique.

This isn’t actually true, though both surgical procedures involve elimination of fat, the strategy used and exactly how the procedure is done is the reason why them different.
Liposuction or simply Lipo is a cosmetic surgery that involves fat removal assisted by suction. This technique has existed for nearly four decades now. Over the years liposuction has improved enough where the quantity of fat that may be removed in one procedure has increased, while pain and healing the years have decreased.

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I was confronted with a very interesting situation recently, during a laser hair removal consultation. Our client history asks the patient about any prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) products they may be using. Having this information is important, because there are some products that can be a contraindication to certain procedures, including laser hair removal.

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It is often said, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” What does this mean? While physical traits often play a role in beauty, what makes a woman truly attractive is based largely on confidence, personality, charisma, a healthy lifestyle and a solid beauty routine.

During his 25-year career as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert M. Tornambe has worked with thousands of women and spent countless hours identifying his patient’s natural good looks and contemplating the nature of beauty. This focus led Dr. Tornambe to devise “The Beauty Quotient Formula,” which is a useful way to look at beauty. This quotient is made up of three distinct categories: Physical Health, Psychological Health and Personal Appearance:

Physical Health – consists of physical characteristics that define a woman’s beauty. A woman’s face or body can be structurally imperfect, but still exquisite.

Psychological Health – involves one’s personality, intelligence, sensitivity and warmth, sense of humor, attitude and overall level of confidence.

Personal Appearance – includes one’s beauty routine. This involves habits regarding skin-care regimen, hair and makeup routines, wardrobe, posture and style.

Additional information on “The Beauty Quotient Formula” is included in this Huffington Post article.

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Eat Healthier for Glowing Skin

After you’ve had laser rejuvenation or laser resurfacing treatments, your skin care practitioner will tell you how important it is to take care of your newly treated skin. It’s essential that you are careful with your skin after any skin treatment to ensure you get good results, and to ensure your skin stays looking as good as it does after your treatment for as long as possible.

The most important thing you can do is keep your skin hydrated. You can do this by splashing your skin with water regularly, and by regularly applying a safe moisturizing skin ointment: moisture at this point is key. It’s also important to keep your skin out of the sun and protect the newly revealed skin from sun damage: after all, you don’t want to undo the good work of your treatments by burning or damaging your new skin.
When you do go out in the sun, therefore, an SPF 60 or higher sunscreen is a new essential for your handbag. Apply it regularly to “protect your investment” and insure long term results for your skin.
Finally, did you know that your diet can have a massively important effect on the quality and condition of your skin and that changing your diet following treatments can help you to keep your skin looking young, smooth and healthy?
This is a less well-known way of protecting your skin following your treatment, and will take a longer term commitment than simply choosing to apply moisturizer, but the effects that changing your diet can have on your skin are undeniable, especially when combined with the effects of a good laser rejuvenation treatment.
Here are a list of foods that will help with the appearance and general well-being of your skin:
Seaweed: Seaweed is the latest super food that everyone’s talking about, and its nutritional properties are wide and varied. Incorporating seaweed into your diet will have a host of positive benefits for your health. It’s packed full of the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and contains essential vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin C.
Seaweed is also a good source of Omega 3 which is excellent for the skin in a number of ways. Omega 3 can help improve skin conditions such as acne and can also reduce inflammation and moisturize dry skin. Packing your diet full of seaweed following your laser treatment is one of the best diet changes you can make, as it will help moisturize your skin from the inside and keep you looking fresh and rejuvenated for as long as possible.
Berries: Berries such as blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries are great for your skin because of the high quantity of antioxidants they contain. Plums also contain high numbers of antioxidants, so they’re also a great fruit to eat to improve your skin quality.
In a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the four fruits mentioned above (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and plums) are the foods with the highest total antioxidant capacity of any other food you can eat. Antioxidants are proven to have great benefits for promoting youthful and healthy skin. Start eating berries every day and you’ll soon see positive effects on your skin.
Green Tea: Much has been written about the various health benefits of drinking green tea: it is considered by some to be the ultimate super food. Certainly it’s skin boosting benefits are undeniable. Green tea will help to prevent acne and help prevent the signs of premature aging too.
Much like the super fruits mentioned above, green tea has a high antioxidant content, which means it’s great for the skin. It’s also good for the waistline and has cancer-reducing properties too! If you apply the green tea to your skin as well as drinking it, studies have shown that topical green tea application will help reduce the negative effects of UV exposure to the skin.
Simply replace your daily sodas or coffees (which are very bad for the skin) with a glass of green tea instead and, in combination with your treatment, your skin will see dramatic and incredible results before you know it!
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