With summer approaching, it’s the best time to start thinking ahead and exploring your beach body goals. At Laser Skin & Wellness, we offer non-surgical treatments that can help you boost your figure and your confidence in time for summer. With our best technologies, you don’t need to undergo surgery or miss out on your favorite summer activities. Here’s what to know about our best med spa procedures to get beach body ready.


Morpheus8 is an RF microneedling device that can tighten skin using controlled wounds and gentle heating. It works like other forms of microneedling where it generates microscopic pinholes in the skin that prompt it to generate healthy new collagen. At the same time, it emits radiofrequency energy to generate heat and contract the deeper layers of the skin.

Morpheus8 Can Tighten Skin

If you’ve lost weight or undergone pregnancy, you might be left with stretched or loose skin. It can be difficult to feel confident in your favorite swimsuits with sagging skin in areas like the stomach, but Morpheus8 can produce noticeable skin tightening without the need for surgery. In fact, RF microneedling is doubly beneficial because the skin penetration allows the RF energy to reach the deep layers where it can more effectively contract and stimulate collagen. With just a few treatments, you can enjoy better definition in the face and body.

Morpheus8 Can Fade Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are another common concern for people who have lost weight or gone through pregnancy. Morpheus8 is actually one of the best options for stretch marks since it can help break them up and promote the growth of healthy new skin. It works best on stretch marks that are new – or reddish or purple in color.

Emsculpt Neo

Emsculpt Neo is one of the most popular new body sculpting treatments available. It uses focused electromagnetic stimulation of the muscles to build new muscle mass and burn fat at the same time. Additionally, this newest technology from Emsculpt Neo also emits radiofrequency energy to help contract and tighten skin, providing even better definition – and making it one of the most comprehensive technologies for achieving a beach-ready body. With as few as four treatments, you can see noticeable improvement in the tone and natural contours of your treatment areas. In addition to the improvements it can make to your abdomen and buttocks, it is also good for your biceps, triceps, love handles, calves, and inner and outer thighs!

Emsculpt Neo Can Boost Your Butt

Emsculpt Neo is an incredible way to lift and sculpt your butt without surgery. By building muscle and burning fat, it can quickly enhance the projection and definition of the butt. If you’re looking for a quick way to fill out your new favorite swimsuit, Emsculpt may be it.

Emsculpt Neo Can Define Your Stomach

The abdomen is one of the hardest areas in which to lose fat. No matter what you eat or what exercises you do, it can be frustrating to be left with pinchable fat. If you’re dreaming about visible definition in your stomach, Emsculpt Neo can achieve a trimmer and more sculpted look by enhancing muscle mass and tightening stretched or loose skin.

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At Laser Skin & Wellness, we offer everything you need to get ready for summertime. To schedule a consultation at our Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens locations, contact us by calling or filling out our online form.

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What is Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome?

Interstitial Cystitis, or Painful Bladder Syndrome, are terms used to describe uncomfortable or painful bladder symptoms that may include or mimic recurrent urinary tract infections, feelings of urgency and frequent need to urinate (including at night), burning, pain, pelvic pressure or discomfort. A wide range of symptoms make the condition difficult to diagnose initially, and it may take years before a proper diagnosis is reached. This condition may range from mild feelings of urgency and frequency with intermittent burning or discomfort to severe, unrelenting, debilitating pain and significantly reduced bladder capacity with blood in the urine and ulcerations of the bladder wall. The cause of this condition is unknown, and is probably multifactorial including environmental, genetic, immunologic and structural factors. It is not unusual for a sufferer to also have similar associated conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, endometriosis, migraine headache, vulvodynia/vulvar vestibulitis, or fibromyalgia.

How is it Diagnosed?

The initial diagnosis may be presumptive rather than related to a specific diagnostic test.  The clinical signs and symptoms may point to the diagnosis. A cystoscopy is usually performed at some point in order to determine whether any ulcerations are present, and some practitioners perform a hydrodistension to make the diagnosis. This is somewhat controversial as repeated hydrodistensions may cause scarring and shrinkage of the bladder capacity, and an initial hydrodistension may give a false positive reading. The presence of Hunner lesions (small ulcers of the bladder wall) are considered definitive diagnostic findings.

What Can be Done to Treat It?

Treatment is usually done in a stepwise fashion, beginning with the simplest and least invasive and proceeding as needed/indicated to more complex or invasive treatments.


Avoidance of PERSONAL bladder irritants is paramount under all circumstances with IC. Many individuals will learn from experience that tomatoes, coffee, tea, chocolate, or spicy foods may worsen or cause symptoms.  The key to finding and following the proper diet usually lies with elimination of all potential irritants at first (not an easy task for most) and gradually adding back potential irritants one at a time in order to determine which foods or liquids are on the “OK” list. Often, the list of foods/drinks to avoid includes bowel irritants as the bladder and bowel are often irritated by the same or similar substances. See the attached list or go to www.ic-network.com for a list of foods to avoid. You may also want to consider food sensitivity testing for a more accurate listing of your foods and substances to avoid.

Pelvic Therapy

Very often, when a painful condition exists in the pelvis the pelvic musculature and connective tissue become inflamed, irritated, spastic and tight. This leads to a vicious cycle of more pain and more clenching. The worst thing for this is to try to do Kegel exercises or “pelvic strengthening” exercises. The most important thing to do in a situation like this is to find a well-trained pelvic physical therapist who can help with reducing the muscle spasm and inflammation that has developed in the tissues. Myofascial pain, referring to the muscles and connective tissue, is extremely common and a significant contributor to the discomfort felt with interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome. Therapy may consist of hot baths in Epsom Salt, intravaginal muscle release, stretching, sometimes in conjunction with muscle relaxants. This is an often overlooked but extremely important aspect of treatment. There are multiple studies demonstrating the importance of physical therapy in pelvic pain disorders including IC/PBS.


There are several supplements that have been useful to treat either recurrent urinary tract infection or interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome. Pre-lief is quite helpful for some individuals. Also, freeze-dried Aloe Vera extract can be helpful for some individuals, particularly in reducing recurrent urinary tract infections. Of course, allergies to just about anything are possible, so it is important to consider a possible sensitivity or allergy if the supplement doesn’t help or seems to worsen symptoms. D-mannose has been used to reduce the ability of bacteria to stick to bladder walls and cause infection, so is often recommended to help prevent UTIs. While cranberry products such as Utiva ® , Ellura ® and Theracran ® may be helpful in preventing UTIs, they may irritate a bladder when IC/PBS is present, so should be approached with caution. Supplements designed to treat IC which contain Quercetin, chondroitin sulfate and sodium hyaluronate have been helpful for many. There are several brand names containing a mixture of these ingredients with other things such as herbal extracts, and though data are lacking in the absence of an allergy or known interaction may be worth considering.


Elmiron ® is the only prescription oral medication in the USA with a specific indication for Interstitial Cystitis. It is taken 3 times daily and may take up to 3 months to take effect.  Other medications used may include amitriptyline, cymbalta, hydroxyzine, cimetidine or ranitidine. RIMSO-50 is a liquid form of DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) that can be instilled directly into the bladder and is approved to treat IC. There are potential side effects (sometimes serious) with some of these medications so again, they should be approached with caution and monitored closely.

Bladder Instillations

There are many “recipes” for various bladder “cocktails” to be used in treating IC/PBS and/or recurrent urinary tract infections. Most of the recipes include lidocaine and heparin, many include triamcinolone (a steroid similar to cortisone), sodium bicarbonate, and an antibiotic (usually gentamicin).  We have seen many patients obtain relief both from recurrent urinary tract infections and symptoms of IC with this therapy.


Cystoscopy with cauterization of Hunner lesions (ulcerations in the wall of the bladder) and/or hydrodistension (stretching with fluid by filling the bladder to its maximum size) can be done in certain cases. There is evidence that cauterizing the ulcers may help with symptoms. Hydrodistension is somewhat more controversial, as it may relieve symptoms but the relief is often temporary and may result in scarring or damage to the bladder in some cases. It can be a helpful diagnostic tool at times as well.  If there is a question regarding the diagnosis and/or treatment a cystoscopy is usually performed at some point.

Is There a Cure?

Since we don’t know the cause, it is hard to say whether we can find a cure. It is possible that we are seeing several different conditions with similar symptoms. Many individuals undergo a remission of sorts. Until we understand all of the possible causes and their specific treatments, we will not be able to definitively “cure” IC.  However, we can work together to make it livable.

The most important thing to understand is that it is a real condition, you are not “crazy” and while sometimes chronic pain can be depressing, seeing a therapist or psychiatrist will not treat the underlying problem, only the emotional symptoms that come with chronic pain.

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At Laser Skin & Wellness, our urogynecologists take a comprehensive approach in evaluating and treating this condition. We may need to perform additional testing that is outside of the usual spectrum of insurance-covered testing in order to obtain more and better information regarding the cause of the problem. We can thus find better ways to successfully treat the condition.

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Any time of year is a good time to begin losing weight, but did you know that certain times of year can work better than others? As spring approaches, it might surprise you to learn that it’s the best time to jumpstart your weight loss journey. Here’s what to know about making springtime work in your favor and how we can help at Laser Skin & Wellness.

Warmer Temperatures Means Less Hunger

There tends to be a small correlation with colder temperatures and hunger cues. This can be attributed to the body managing its temperature – digestion takes up energy and thus generates heat which can be ideal in winter, but not so ideal in the summer. It’s likely that your body will slow down its hunger cravings as the temperatures become warm, making it easier to eat less.

You’ll Burn More Calories in Warmer Weather

It’s easier to burn calories while exercising in warm temperatures versus cold ones. That’s because your body works harder to stay cool in hot weather, increasing its energy expenditure. Just make sure not to overdo it when you do intensive exercise in hot weather.

Spring Brings Better Mood

Winter can be long and hard for many people, and spring is usually a welcome change. During the winter, it’s normal to crave heavy, fatty foods in order to cope with the colder temperatures and reduced sunlight. In the spring, you’ll likely enjoy a more positive outlook and be less hard on yourself, making it easier to stick to your weight loss plan.

Vitamin D Helps

It’s thought that there’s a link between vitamin D, obesity, and insulin resistance. This means that people of a heavier weight may have lower levels of vitamin D and vice versa. With springtime comes ample amounts of vitamin D in the form of sunlight, reinforcing your outdoor activities.

Healthier Food Comes Easier

Our favorite fall and winter foods tend to be the most calorically dense. Although we should all enjoy our seasonal favorites, it’s easier to find lighter foods like fresh fruits and veggies, grilled dishes, and cold salads at spring events and gatherings. This can help you feel more confident going into family gatherings and outings with friends.

Warm Weather Drinks Are Lighter

Although sipping hot, sugary beverages is one of the delights of fall and winter, they can add up. Spring brings lighter drinks like iced tea and infused water to curb your cravings but without the calories. If you’re looking for something other than water to cool off and quench your thirst, you have plenty of healthy options.

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At Laser Skin & Wellness, we offer a variety of medical weight loss services to help you achieve your goals. To learn more and meet with our providers, contact our Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens locations by calling or filling out our online contact form.

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You may have heard of Morpheus8 as a way to rejuvenate aging skin in the face, but did you know Morpheus8 is an effective way to rejuvenate the body, too? In fact, it’s one of the best all-in-one body contouring devices available. Here’s what to know about Morpheus8 for body and how Laser Skin & Wellness can help you achieve your body goals with minimal downtime.

How does Morpheus8 for body work?

Morpheus8 is a radiofrequency microneedling device. It uses a specialized handpiece with thin, gold-coated needles that generate tiny wounds in the skin (up to 8mm deep), boosting collagen production. Additionally, these needles emit radiofrequency energy to generate gentle heat and further contract the skin. Over time, Morpheus8 can achieve a “shrink wrap” effect for better definition and skin quality. This can have a variety of benefits in facial rejuvenation and in body contouring.

What are the benefits of Morpheus8 for body?

Morpheus8 can achieve more than just skin tightening. It’s an effective option for a variety of body concerns including:

  • Skin laxity
  • Stretch marks and scars
  • Cellulite
  • Stubborn fat
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Rippling

Morpheus8 is equipped with a special “burst mode” technology that can administer radiofrequency energy at multiple depths in a single millisecond pulse. This improves downtime, treatment length, skin injury, uniformity, and customizability. With Morpheus8, you can achieve complete subdermal fat tissue remodeling without the need for incisions.

Additionally, Morpheus8 for body is safe for all skin types and drastically reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation. This makes it an effective option for many patients looking for non-surgical body contouring platforms that can address a variety of concerns and areas at once.

What areas can Morpheus8 for body treat?

Morpheus8 for body can treat virtually any area on the body. This includes:

  • Stomach
  • Upper arms
  • Buttocks
  • Knees
  • Bra fat
  • Thighs
  • Flanks
  • Hips

Anywhere that you’ve experienced concerns like stubborn fat, skin laxity, or cellulite can benefit from Morpheus8. Because of Morpheus8’s advanced technology, it can even be used for full-body rejuvenation.

What can I expect after Morpheus8 treatment?

After Morpheus8 for body, you can typically return to your regular schedule within 1-2 days. You may experience some redness and sensitivity, and you should make sure to keep the area moisturized with a staff-recommended moisturizer while your skin heals. Morpheus8 comes with drastically reduced downtime versus other body contouring devices, although you may require a package of 2-3 treatments for best results. Our team can help you determine your best options and treatment plan during your body contouring consultation.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our non-surgical body contouring devices, contact our Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens locations by calling or filling out our online contact form.

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Hormone replacement therapy or supplementation has a long history, and hormone replacement has been demonstrated to have many benefits. For women, hormone replacement, when given at the proper time, using the proper hormones and dosing levels, and when monitored properly, can reduce risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, and even some cancers.
Because hormone replacement has become controversial since the publication of the Women’s Health Initiative study (WHI), many women have been afraid of hormone replacement and many doctors reluctant to prescribe it. However, with new information and worldwide data supporting the safety and efficacy of hormone replacement when given properly and monitored properly.

What is pellet hormone therapy?

Pelleted hormone therapy has a long history of use in men, and has become increasingly popular for women. Pellet hormone therapy involves inserting a tiny hormone containing pellet (about the size of a grain of rice) under the skin, usually in the buttocks region, every few months. The pellet releases the hormone slowly throughout that time providing continuous blood levels of the hormone. 
The most common hormones found in pellets are testosterone and estradiol, the “male” and “female” hormones, respectively. Monitoring of blood levels and hormone metabolites is an important part of therapy, and additional supplements or prescriptions may be needed to provide the proper hormonal support.

What is the procedure like?

After baseline evaluation including laboratory hormone levels and a full history and physical exam and evaluation of previous hormone replacement dosages (when appropriate), a starting dose is calculated. Ideally, this dosage should be at or just below the calculated dose so that normal levels are not exceeded.
Once the evaluation is complete, the pellets are available, and dosing is confirmed, an office visit for sterile pellet placement is scheduled. Typically, the pellets are inserted under the fat in the buttocks near the hip bones. This process is performed by first cleansing the skin, then numbing the skin and tissue under the skin and making a very small nick in the skin. A sterile hollow needle (trocar), large enough to fit the pellet through, is then placed through the skin and into the underlying fat pad, and the pellets inserted through the needle. The device is then withdrawn leaving the pellets about an inch under the skin.
The skin is closed with a steri-strip surgical tape and covered with sterile gauze which remains in place for 1-2 days.  Heavy exercise should be avoided for 72 hours following pellet placement, but normal activity is fine.  

Are there any downsides to pellet hormone therapy?

While pelleted hormone therapy can be very satisfying for many women, it is not for everyone. It is absolutely necessary to have a full evaluation and understanding of an individual’s response to hormone therapy.
We begin with a carefully planned and monitored regimen in order to achieve optimal results. Often, the unsatisfying results occur because the dosage was started at an excessively high level and not tailored to the individual. Our philosophy of “start low, go slow” with close monitoring of symptoms and hormone levels tends to create greater patient satisfaction and emphasize safety and tolerability.
Most women do well with placement every 3 months, although some are able to go longer as they metabolize the hormones more slowly. Creating a regimen that is specific to each patient is the primary objective in offering successful pellet hormone therapy.
Dr. Kiley is accepting appointments for new and ongoing hormone replacement therapy consultations including pelleted hormone therapy. This therapy can be helpful when traditional hormone replacement therapy fails to provide satisfactory relief or creates difficulties with consistent use due to inconvenience.

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For more information regarding pelleted hormone replacement therapy, please call the office at 561-701-2841.
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The Geneo Facial is one of the newest skin rejuvenation procedures offered at Laser Skin & Wellness. This innovative treatment combines three different technologies into one facial to give your skin an ultimate refresh with exfoliation, oxygenation, and nourishment.

What is Geneo Facial?

Geneo Facial involves three steps to rejuvenate your skin from the inside and out:

1. OxyGeneo

OxyGeneo is a unique treatment that creates tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide on the surface of the skin. This causes your body to send more blood and oxygen to those skin cells; skin oxygenation is incredibly important because oxygen helps your skin heal more effectively, absorb skincare products better, and appear brighter and healthier.

2. TriPollar RF

Radiofrequency energy (RF) heats both the superficial and deep layers of the skin for maximum collagen and elastin production. These two proteins are the building blocks of healthy, firm skin. Without enough collagen and elastin, your skin will start to show signs of aging like sagging or loose skin. TriPollar treatment simultaneously heats fat cells, causing them to shrink, which tightens and recounters the treated area.

3. Geneo Oxypods

Geneo Oxypods are made from a unique formula of serums and ingredients that give your skin nutrition while exfoliating and oxygenating the surface. There are several Geneo Oxypod options you can choose to target your specific skin concerns. For example, the charcoal-based pods improve the texture and appearance of oily skin and Oxypods with red algae rejuvenate dull skin and reduce fine lines. Each formula is custom-made to treat all skin types and your specific skin concerns.

Geneo Facial Results

You need oxygen to live, and your skin needs to breathe too! A Geneo facial will eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, smooth and tighten the skin, brighten your complexion, and create a more youthful experience using anti-aging ingredients and technology. Exfoliation paired with collagen stimulation will remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin while speeding up the growth of new, healthy cells below the surface. You will see immediate results with gradual improvements of vibrant, glowing skin, no longer dulled by a surface of dead skin.

Schedule a Consultation

The Geneo Facial is the ideal treatment for just about anyone. To learn more about this exciting, new facial and see how you can benefit from it, schedule a consultation with Laser Skin & Wellness today using our online contact form.

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EMSCULPT NEO is an all-in-one device that builds muscle while reducing fat and is the newest version of BTL’s devices. It involves a quick, non-invasive treatment plan that will help you sculpt your ideal body after just a few sessions.

Body Sculpting

Body sculpting is a nonsurgical solution that reduces fat and helps contour different areas of the body. EMSCULPT is an innovative design – the first to build muscle as an alternative to having to lift weights for months to acquire the body you want. EMSCULPT NEO continued this innovation with a new version to simultaneously reduce fat and stimulate muscle growth with the addition of radio frequency to reduce fat.

How Does It Work?

EMSCULPT NEO is a two-in-one treatment intended for a wide range of clients who want to build muscle while also slimming down. Two types of energy are emitted into the muscle, each with a unique purpose. Radiofrequency energy raises the muscle’s temperature, like muscle temperature being raised during a warmup activity. Once a certain temperature is reached in the subcutaneous layer of fat (near the surface of the skin), fat cells are damaged and “melt” away from the body. High intensity electromagnetic energy is simultaneously emitted, causing muscle contractions that help new muscle fibers grow.

EMSCULPT NEO’s ability to reduce fat while building muscle is the most significant difference, but what else has changed?

Product Differences

Increased Muscle Mass

The EMSCULPT device increased muscle mass by 16% over a series of treatments, but EMSCULPT NEO builds off this accomplishment by increasing muscle growth by up to 25%. 9% may not seem like a lot of improvement, but the results speak for themselves.

Increased Fat Reduction

With the combination of radiofrequency heating and HIFEM+, it only takes 4 minutes for your body to be ready for fat reduction and muscle toning. Studies show that patients experienced, on average, 30% reduction in body fat with the EMSCULPT NEO.


The EMSCULPT solely used electromagnetic energy to cause intense muscle contractions and build muscles. The EMSCULPT NEO now uses electromagnetic energy for those muscle contractions along with radiofrequency which heats the muscle and causes fat to atrophy.

Treatment Areas

The EMSCULPT NEO has a wider range of applications than the original EMSCULPT machine, able to reduce fat and tone muscle for the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and calves, and arms. Depending on your specific goals, EMSCULPT NEO can help you achieve your ideal results.

Treatment Schedule

EMSCULPT and EMSCULPT NEO have similar treatment programs: 30-minute treatments with a minimum of four sessions. The big difference is that EMSCULPT required treatment every 2-3 days while EMSCULPT NEO treatments are only conducted once a week for 4 weeks, which saves the client a lot of time.

Schedule a Consultation

Laser Skin & Wellness is now offering the EMSCULPT NEO at our Palm Beach Gardens office. Schedule a consultation online or call our office at 561-641-9490 to see what this unbelievable treatment can do for you.

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Are you bothered by the appearance of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, or lax skin? If so, you may be able to benefit from skin resurfacing treatments. It is a non-surgical treatment to help rejuvenate the skin for a more youthful-looking complexion. There are several different treatment options when it comes to skin resurfacing, with plasma and laser treatments the two most popular. Read on to learn more about the differences between these treatments and which one is right for you.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing uses laser energy to carefully remove layers of the skin. Once the topmost layers of damaged skin are removed, new cells can form, resulting in smoother, tighter skin. At Laser Skin & Wellness, we offer the Fractional Laser Treatment to treat uneven skin texture, scarring, lines, and large pores.

During treatment, hundreds of micro-beams create deep micro-columns of thermal tissue damage, causing a controlled wound. This trauma to the skin is what creates natural collagen, resulting in a more youthful-looking complexion. Following treatment, the skin will be red and swollen, and some areas may be bandaged. Be sure to follow your provider’s aftercare instructions for optimal results.

Opus Plasma Resurfacing

Plasma skin resurfacing uses high-frequency unipolar radiofrequency energy to create tiny channels in the skin and jumpstart its natural collagen production through a wound-healing response. At our office, we offer the Opus Plasma treatment for skin resurfacing to address acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, dullness and uneven texture, and pigmentation. Opus Plasma can be used on many areas of the face and neck, including sensitive areas such as around the eyes.

Because of Opus Plasma’s state-of-the-art technology and approach, patients experience drastically less downtime than other laser treatments. You can expect about one to two days of redness and swelling, but you can generally return to your regular schedule immediately after treatment.

Which Skin Resurfacing Treatment is Right for You?

Overall, the treatment option that is right for you will depend on your individual skin type, skincare goals, and lifestyle. Your first step will be to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our skilled estheticians to determine which laser treatment is right for your individual goals. We will create a personalized treatment plan to help you make your skin goals a reality.

Contact Us Today

If you are interested in learning more about our offered skin resurfacing treatment options, contact Laser Skin & Wellness in Lake Worth, FL, and Palm Beach Gardens, FL today. We will be happy to schedule your consultation appointment to get started.

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Summer is right around the corner, which means now is a great time to take steps toward a slimmer, healthier you. At Laser Skin & Wellness, we use the latest medical treatments to help our patients achieve their personal weight loss goals and maintain a healthy weight long-term. We offer a selection of proven treatments that will meet your individual needs and lifestyle for successful results. Read on to learn more about our programs, as well as one of our most popular options called Semaglutide.

Diet Programs

Have you tried just about every weight loss plan or program out there, but just can’t seem to shed the pounds, or keep the pounds off once you’ve lost them? Many weight loss plans on the market are not created for long-term results, so patients find themselves gaining back all of the weight they lost once they stop following the diet plan. At our office, we take a different approach to ensure you enjoy your results long-term. We create customized diet plans which include personalized menu plans, healthy eating, and one-on-one nutritional counseling to help make your goals a reality.

MIC-B Injections

Are you in need of a metabolism pick-me-up to boost your weight loss? MIC B12 injections are a combination of all of the B vitamins and three individual components designed to help accelerate weight loss: Methionine, Inositol and Choline. It also includes Vitamin C, L-Arginine and L-Carnitine. These injections can rev up your metabolism, minimizing fatty deposits. Some patients are able to lose a little bit of weight doing these injections every week! We call it the “Power Shot”!


Semaglutide is a very popular weight loss medication available at our practice. This medication supports healthy weight loss and is part of our overall weight loss program, which is guided by our experienced medical professionals. When paired with a reduced-calorie diet and regular exercise, Semaglutide can help you reach your weight loss goals.

This medication is administered through a weekly injection, and treatments occur over the course of 6-16 weeks. It mimics a hormone in your body that regulates appetite, which makes it easier to follow a reduced-calorie diet. This allows for safe, gradual weight loss that you can maintain.

Semaglutide vs Liraglutide for Weight Loss

If you have researched weight loss treatments, you may have come across Liraglutide. This medication slows gastric emptying and increases satiety after eating, which may help some lose weight. Compared to Semaglutide, however, this treatment was not as effective. Studies show that individuals that took Semaglutide paired with diet and exercise saw a 9.4% greater average loss in baseline weight compared to those on Liraglutide. Because of this, we recommend Semaglutide to our patients for optimal results.

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If you are interested in learning more about our weight loss programs or Semaglutide, give Laser Skin & Wellness a call today at 561-641-9490 or contact us online. Your first step will be to schedule a consultation appointment at our Lake Worth or Palm Beach Gardens office to determine which treatment is right for you.

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By Linda Kiley, MD

We all know that we live in a country with an obesity epidemic.  Almost ¾ of Americans are overweight, and 40 percent are obese.  Nearly one-fifth of Americans are severely overweight.  There is no end to diet books, diet programs, fad diets, and ads for unbelievable weight-loss pills, the weight loss industry is a multi billion dollar industry. With so many people overweight, it’s not surprising to see this.  We know based on data that being overweight increases risk for diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain, and joint replacement surgery. Most of us really want to be healthy and feel well. Many of us will make an attempt to lose weight at some point, if only to look better at a class reunion, wedding, or other special occasion. The problem with most weight loss programs is that they provide a temporary solution to a long term problem.

Understanding nutrition, metabolism, activity level and genetics each play an important role in our health and our tendency to gain weight, we still need to find a workable answer to achieving optimal health and a healthy weight. The best question to ask is: “How do I change my life so that I don’t feel deprived, but am happy, healthy and satisfied with how I look and feel?”

Childhood Obesity

Although childhood obesity has become epidemic, most children during and shortly after puberty tend to be thinner and more muscular during that time, but gradually shift towards gaining weight in adulthood. Some of us are born with metabolisms that predispose us to obesity because our ancestors survived based on their ability to retain fat during times of low food availability. Sometimes, despite tremendous effort at dietary restriction and exercise, we see little to no change on the scale.

Understanding Obesity

Understanding all of this, looking more closely at the complex interaction between our genes, our environment, and our nutrition, we have some answers. Finding the right nutritional balance and eating pattern for each individual is extremely important. More data has been produced looking at different eating patterns such as intermittent fasting with varying periods of eating and fasting based upon the individual, this has provided insight not only into weight control but also into longevity and the aging process. Achieving a proper balance is a key part of achieving a healthy weight and better health. Additionally, understanding the mechanisms taking place within each cell affecting energy production (cellular metabolism) has helped us to understand the bigger picture of metabolism in general. This has led to a different approach to weight loss. Diet drugs traditionally have been used to curb appetite and reduce intake but have had some potentially very negative physical side-effects and risks.  The question is, are there supplements, medications or other approaches that can help us achieve a proper weight without the significant risks of the more traditional diet drugs? And can our understanding of this help make the weight loss permanent?

Discovering Peptides

There has been much excitement in the past few years over the development of peptides to augment and promote health.  One of the first peptides discovered was insulin to treat diabetes.  With greater understanding of the effects of insulin and discovery of other peptides involved in digestion, metabolism, immune system function and cellular recovery, we have been able to find better ways to help our cells function better, boost metabolism and encourage safer weight loss. The discovery of liraglutide, semaglutide and related compounds has revolutionized the treatment of diabetes and more importantly, changed the face of weight management strategies.  Finding ways to reduce inflammation in the gut and optimize proper nutrient absorption has also been important in helping to achieve a healthy weight.

Weight Management

A weight management program is a good place to start when traditional “healthy diet and exercise” strategies have not achieved the desired results.  The most important thing to remember, though, is that a weight management program is not designed to allow for periodic temporary weight loss, or “yo-yo dieting”.  Wide fluctuations of weight are actually harder on the body than maintaining a steady weight.  Our goal needs to be to achieve the best level of health with the healthiest amount of body fat for each individual and maintain that permanently.

Schedule a Consultation

At Ultra Health & Wellness and Laser Skin & Wellness, we have designed programs to help achieve and maintain those goals of optimal health and proper body weight. Learn more by calling our office or filling out one of our online forms.

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